Child survives car collision, fiery explosion in Malaysia


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A 14-month-old girl was spared a fiery death after a car collision when a doctor came to her aid, according to The Star Online. Doctor C.S. Kumar, 41, said he was driving down the PLUS expressway near the 333.1-km mark with his brother-in-law in two separate vehicles when he witnessed the collision. The doctor and his family was traveling from Penang to Kuala Lumpur after a vacation.

According to Kumar, he saw a Proton Waja try to switch lanes when a BMW crashed into it, causing the Proton Waja to burst into flames. Officials later said the impact of the collision damaged the gas tank, causing the explosion.

Kumar said he and his brother-in-law pulled their vehicles over into the emergency lane, and went over to assist the passengers inside the burning Proton Waja, breaking down the windows of the car. The doctor and his brother-in-law pulled the driver to safety, while another passerby helped the person in the passenger seat. It was then that Kumar noticed a 14-year-old child with her mother in the back seat.

Kumar said the girl was not breathing when he carried her to the middle of the expressway, was not moving and was turning blue, but he did hear her heart beating. He performed mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose resuscitation, and she began crying about one-and-a-half minutes later, he said.

Everyone inside the Proton Waja survived the crash, with the driver and passenger sustaining light injuries.

“It was amazing to see fellow Malaysians, regardless of race, coming together to save lives,” Kumar told The Star Online.
Today's Angels ,Sunday, August 11th, 2013

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