Chickenpox lollipops - order by mail!


NSFW    Chicken pox is highly contagious and at the very least, puts itchy red spots on you, and gives you a fever. For kids it usually lasts a few days, but for adults it can be way worse, lasting for weeks.

Before the vaccine was introduced in 1995, parents often held "chicken pox parties" to purposely make sure their kids got it when they were young. That way, their stronger immune systems would hopefully recover in just a few days and then have immunity for life.

Some are still having chicken pox parties, but these days they've been organizing this through facebook! Doctors are completely "aghast" about this, and call it "absolute lunacy." Since it can be hard to find a pox party, some parents have been sending infected lollipops, clothing, or spit in the mail to "help" infect other kids. And some are even making a profit!

But doctors are freaking out about this. They say "uneducated and irresponsible parents" are potentially spreading dangerous diseases "to other idiotic parents" through the mail! In 1995 the chicken pox vaccine came out, (common in US, Japan, Canada, Austria) so chicken pox is a lot more rare now. However, one dose of the vaccine is only 85% effective.

Some parents are afraid of their children getting poked with needles. Some just think chicken pox is small beans compared to measles and mumps, so who cares? But back in the day, chickenpox parties seemed to be effective. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Like everything else, it's a game of chance.
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