Caught on camera: second Magaluf sex video shows couple doing it on the street

A new Magaluf sex video has emerged this week, showing a couple having sex on a street in broad daylight.


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A new Magaluf sex video has emerged this week, showing a couple having sex on a street in broad daylight, in the holiday destination on the Spanish island of Majorca.

In the shocking 2-minute video originally posted on the Twitter account Magaluf Vines, a couple appearing to be in their 30’s is seen having intercourse between two parked cars. According to the description written by the clip’s unidentified uploader, at least one of the two people in the video is a British tourist. The description also said that the clip was shot through a window, and filmed in the morning, adding that the couple appeared to be completely sober.

Just twenty days ago, Magaluf’s name was plastered over the headlines of every media outlet in the world, because a 21-year-old Irish girl gave 24 men blowjobs in exchange for US$5 drinks there.

After the blowjob video went viral this month, the area’s chief of tourism denied that raunchy behavior have become a trend in the infamous party town. Manuel Oneiva, the mayor of Calvia, an area that includes Magaluf and other resorts, said in a public statement that, “As Mayor of the Municipality of Calvià, I wish to express my total rejection and anger at the activities which were carried out in a video which is currently on the social media circuit.”

Oneiva added that, “This week I have passed a law giving us tighter control over the operation of pub crawl organisers and we are the first municipality resort to implement a law such as this. The law will come into effect this month [July 2014].”

Seems like the law didn’t come into effect in time to salvage the already very tarnished image of Magaluf. Yikes.
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