Car parks in shopping cart bay so workers get revenge

A shopper parked their vehicle in the cart bay, so the supermarket staff got their revenge.


NSFW    Justice is Served

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — After discovering that a shopper left their poorly parked Peugeot 308 in their bay, the cart clerks gathered what looks like all the shopping carts in the world and completely surrounded the car.

According to El Comodorense, the incident in question played out in Coto de Temperley supermarket in Buenos Aires on Sunday night where the photos were then shared promptly to Facebook with the original uploader saying that you have to be "very stupid" to park in the "changos" area.

The uploader, Mr. Angelini, who is also a lawyer, said that he applauded the staff for blocking in the car, but would have felt differently if there was an emergency and the driver needed to leave quickly.

He added, "I didn't see when he got out of there."
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