Car bomb: Malaysian businessman survives explosion


NSFW    Defying Death

A wealthy Malaysian businessman escaped death after his luxury car was blown up by a phone bomb on Tuesday night while he was inside.

According to local reports, the car was traveling through Taman Taynton View in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

The phone bomb was strapped to the car’s exhaust pipe and packed with ball bearings.

The explosion, which blew ball bearings through the trunk, only damaged the car’s rear, the Star reported.
According to the Sun Daily, forensics police inspected the vehicle and found fragments of a handphone including a battery and a piece of ball bearing.
Cheras police chief ACP Mohan Singh Tara Singh said initial investigations did not yield traces of explosive material.
Both businessman and his driver managed to escape unhurt.

Mohan Singh was quoted by the Sun Daily saying that the case has been classified as attempted murder as the explosion could have led to a fire and endangered the lives of the car’s occupants.

According to reports, the businessman, who owns several restaurants and nightclubs in Kuala Lumpur, is said to have served time in prison and is alleged to have some links with the underworld.

According to the Malay Mail Online, “The country has been rocked by almost daily reports of violent crimes, particularly incidents involving firearms, which has led to public fears over the state of security here.”
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