Canadian police thwart al Qaeda-inspired pressure cooker bomb plot


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Two people have been arrested in British Columbia, accused of planning to detonate three pressure-cooker bombs outside the provincial legislature on Canada Day, Canadian police said on Tuesday.

According to Reuters, "Police said there was no evidence to suggest a foreign link to the planned attack, which targeted public celebrations outside the parliament building in Victoria, capital of the province of British Columbia. They declined to detail any links between the two Canadians and the al Qaeda network. They also said they were not aware of any connection to the April 15 bombings at the Boston Marathon in which three people were killed by devices built from pressure cookers. Police said there was no risk to the public at any time because they began monitoring the suspects in February and had known all along what was happening.

The two people charged are John Stuart Nuttall and Amanda Korody, Canadian-born citizens from Surrey, British Columbia, authorities said. The Canadian spy agency, CSIS, has expressed concern that disgruntled and radicalized Canadians could attack targets at home and abroad."
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