California man rescued three days after crashing car 70 feet off cliff

Hunter Kittle waited nearly 72 hours to be rescued after his vehicle plummeted off Mount Baldy in a horrific car crash.


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MOUNT BALDY, CALIFORNIA — A California man is lucky to be alive after a harrowing car crash left him trapped down a ravine for three days.

ABC reports that on the night of January 22, Hunter Kittle fell asleep while driving down Mount Baldy. His car veered off the road, careening 70 feet down the side of a cliff before slamming into a tree.

Kittle came to the next morning, suffering horrible pain from a collapsed lung, fractured skull, and broken bones.

With his phone dead, and yelling difficult due to his injuries, Kittle spent the next two days waiting for help while enduring the intense pain.

Finally, on January 25, a passing motorist noticed his crashed vehicle and flagged down a deputy.

Firefighters rescued Kittle and airlifted him to a hospital, where he is now recovering.

Doctors say with his injuries, the 24-year-old shouldn’t have survived for more than an hour, and were amazed he lasted as long as he did. Kittle himself was surprised, but claims it was mind over matter that helped him pull through.
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