ByFusion is definitely NOT building plastic houses anymore

Ever heard of that company that turns waste plastic into bricks and uses that to make homes for the poor? Well they want you to know they ain't doing that anymore.


NSFW    BROOKLYN, NEW YORK — Back in 2016, we did an animation about a machine that turned waste plastic into bricks. It was a straightforward piece explaining how the stuff worked, so you know, free positive publicity.

So imagine our surprise when just last weekend, the company behind the machine, ByFusion, sent an email demanding the 2016 video be taken down, even threatening legal action if we didn't comply.

The shady email said the video had been rendered inaccurate since the company wasn't building houses for the poor no more. Hmm, wonder why that is?

So what DOES the company do now? Apparently building retaining walls, landscaping, and other non-load bearing structures. Emphasis on non-load.

According to a juicy Stuff article, there's bad blood between ByFusion and the actual inventor of their machine — a Kiwi named Peter Lewis.

Lewis says he got kicked out of ByFusion and didn't get zilch. Turns out he didn't own the 26 percent of the company he thought he did.

In a rebuttal to Lewis' claims on the article, ByFusion swore up and down that the inventor wasn't kicked out, and was duly compensated after opting out of a position.

But documents Stuff got its hands on shows Lewis was actually ousted, and even got issued a trespass notice from the company factory in New Zealand.

Lewis still gets the last laugh though. The 69-year-old claims the ByFusion machine has a fatal flaw. He didn't say what, but we can hazard a few guesses.
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