Brown bear steals rifles from hunter, goes rogue in Siberia

A brown bear stole two firearms from a hunter's cabin and is now on the loose in the Siberian wilderness.


NSFW    Gun Crazy

IRKUTSK, RUSSIA — A wild bear turned the tables on a hunter after making off with not one, but two of the man's firearms.

The 57-year-old had taken refuge at a remote cabin in Siberia's Irkutsk region, and was out getting water when a brown bear snuck into his sanctuary, according to the Siberian Times.

The animal seemed taken with some hunting rifles, and latched on to them. When the man returned, he spotted the bear and quickly ran into the woods, where he hid for several hours.

By the time he came back to the cabin, the bear was gone, but so were his Vepr carbine and IZH shotgun. For the next few days, the hunter searched the taiga for his guns, but failed miserably.

He finally called the cops, who are now investigating the bizarre incident. So far, they've found bite marks on a plastic bucket, and scratches on some logs at the cabin.

No leads on the rifle-stealing bear, though, who's probably out somewhere having fun at getting to be the hunter instead of the hunted.

Meanwhile, the actual hunter is facing a fine and could forfeit his right to buy and use guns for a year. All thanks to a gun crazy bear.
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