Brooklyn Bridge Rappeller: Spider Man come to life!


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Next time they’re casting for Spider-Man on Broadway, they should track down this guy. According to witnesses a dare devil rappelled down the Brooklyn Bridge onto a roof and ran off at around 9 a.m. on the Fourth of July.

A witness who was doing a little bit of pre-partying yoga on the Fourth of July got quite the show when he spotted a man climbing down some netting left up from the never-ending construction on the bridge.

They called police in concern for the man’s safety or because they are giant fun-ruiners...we are still trying to pinpoint which one it is. While on the phone with the fuzz, the man climbed back up the net -- after realizing it wasn’t long enough to get him to the roof -- and managed to find a coiled up hose nearby. He then used the hose to rappel down to the roof below and run off, like a boss.

According to witnesses the man was wearing a bright red shirt and dark pants, but no one got a really good look at him...Probably because he really is Spider-Man. Police helicopters scoured the area, but were not able to track down the missing man.

Police do not suspect terrorism and are still investigating the incident. Until then, we are going to continue believing that Peter Parker is truly watching over the streets of New York, or at least Dumbo, Brooklyn.
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