Brazil pedestrian knocked out cold by flying tire

A man in Ipatinga, Brazil suffered a fractured skull and chest injuries after being hit by a wayward tire in the back of his head.


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IPATINGA, BRAZIL — Shocking CCTV footage released online shows a pedestrian in Ipatinga, Brazil being struck in the head by wayward tire, leaving him unconscious and with a fractured skull.

According to local newspaper Estado de Minas, Roberto Carlos Fernandes, 50, was walking home with a family member along Rua Calcedonia near a busy highway last Friday.

Suddenly a tire fell from a passing trailer and bounced across the highway before flying toward Fernandes and smacking him right in the back of his head.

Fernandes suffered a fractured skull and chest from the hit and is now in the hospital for treatment. Local authorities found the tire that struck him, but have yet to find the vehicle it fell from.
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