Brainwave-detecting headbands being used in Chinese schools

The headbands change color to indicate if the student is relaxed, focused or extremely focused.


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BEIJING — Chinese schools are using U.S.- based startup company BrainCo's brain scanning headbands to measure students' attention spans, the South China Morning Post reports.

The Focus 1 headband uses electroencephalography sensors, or EEGs, to detect students' brain signals. These signals are then translated by an AI algorithm in real time to determine how focused a student is.

Signals from the headbands are able to be monitored through a dashboard in real time, according to BrainCo's website.

The students' attention levels will be indicated by the color appearing on their headset, the South China Morning Post reports. Blue means the student is relaxed, yellow means the student is focused, and red means the student is extremely focused.

BrainCo explained in a statement on Weibo that the headbands are only being used on a trial basis in a few schools in China and that their only purpose is to help students increase their attention span.
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