Boy steals credit card, goes on Bali vacay after fight with mom

A 12-year-old Australian boy went to Bali by himself like a champ after getting into a fight with his moms.


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SYDNEY/BALI — A 12-year-old boy hilariously stole his mom and dad's credit card, tricked granny into getting his passport and jumped on a few flights to Bali all because of a fight with his mom.

The boy was told by his mom that he wasn't allowed to go to Bali, so like any normal kid, he immediately hopped online and booked flights and a hotel room, according to the Guardian.

He then told his parents he was going to school, but instead rode his razor scooter to the train station, where he made it to the airport.

He then used self check-in kiosk, jumped on a flight to Perth, and then another flight to Bali, the Nine Network reported.

When little man got to Bali, he checked into the Four Seasons telling the front desk he was waiting for his sister to arrive.

His family had no idea he was living in up until his school and said he was absent.

After quite a bit of hectic scrambling, they found out that he was in Bali, so his mom flew out to collect the boy.
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