Boy almost falls through missing floor on moving Devon train

A mother managed to grab her child just in time after he nearly fell through the missing floor of a toilet compartment while aboard the South Devon Railway.


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DEVON, UNITED KINGDOM — A mother is reeling after her young son nearly fell through a moving train and onto the tracks below, which would have left him seriously injured or even dead.

Devon Live reports that the June 22 incident happened on the South Devon Railway, as the woman and her child tried to use the toilet in the fourth carriage.

She opened the door to the lavatory compartment and was shocked to find a hole where the floor was supposed to be. Her son nearly fell through the opening onto the tracks below, but she luckily managed to catch him just in time.

The boy suffered minor bruising but was otherwise okay. His distressed mother reported the matter to the train conductor, who then had the door locked.

An investigation into the incident found that workers had apparently dismantled the flooring to repair the brakes, and no one thought to put it back. Train staff posted a notice, and attempted but failed to properly secure the door.

To their credit, railway management did admit the lapse in safety protocol, and were sufficiently apologetic about the incident. Still, might be wise to watch your step next time you’re on the Devon Rail.
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