Bodycam video shows why Miami Dade po po was suspended

Miami-Dade Police Department released body cam footage of the arrest of a woman who was roughed up by officers.


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MIAMI — Miami-Dade police suspended an officer for his actions during the arrest of a woman who claimed a man pointed a shotgun at her. The cop had threatened to involuntarily commit the woman to a hospital, told her he didn't like her tone of voice, and threatened to arrest her if she didn't calm down.
According to the Miami Herald, bodycam footage released by the police shows Dyma Loving never threatened the officer. She spoke clearly and only became slightly agitated after Officer Alejandro Giraldo's threats.
On March 5, Loving and Adrianna Green, 22, called the police after a man named Frank Tumm, who lives next door to Green, pointed a shotgun at them.
The two told police they were walking past Tumm's house when they got into a verbal altercation. Tumm had retrieved a shotgun and pointed it at them.
Police later arrested Tumm, after originally letting him go.
But the real story is how Officer Alejandro Giraldo completely lost it during the arrest.

In the video, Giraldo repeatedly yells at Loving to calm down and to chill out, when clearly he's the only one who is freaking out.
And like you'd expect, Giraldo eventually throws Loving in cuffs and arrests her. Loving was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence.
Giraldo was suspended last week by Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez after cellphone video of the crazy arrest taken by a friend of Loving made the rounds on social media.
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