Body cam shows cop dive into pond to save drowning autistic child

Scoping the area for suspects involved in a fight nearby, the officer spotted the young boy standing near the edge of a park pond. Seconds later, he watched in horror as the child slipped into the water.


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TOPEKA, KANSAS — Incredible police body cam footage released this week shows the high-stakes moment a drowning 4-year-old boy was rescued by a fast-acting officer who did not hesitate to get wet.

The morning of April 30, Officer Aaron Bulmer happened to be in the area, on the lookout for people involved in a fight nearby. That’s when he spotted a young boy standing near the edge of the Central Park Community Center pond. Seconds later, the child slipped into the water.

Officer Bulmer immediately ran over and dove into the cold pond to save the boy, grabbing and holding the child above water. Another local man quickly came over to help, as Officer Bulmer called in for emergency crews. After being pulled from the water, the boy seemed to be okay in the end, much to the relief of his parents who had been frantically searching for him.

Reports indicate the toddler had been diagnosed with autism. Experts say children with autism are often drawn to water.
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