Beijing police force just cloned 6 K-9 dogs

With all the dogs in China do you really need to start cloning them?


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BEIJING — Beijing's boys in blue introduced six new members into the police force that you might have trouble telling apart from each other. That's just because they were all cloned.
CBS News reports that the young officers were sporting shiny new badges, uniforms and collars.
The six clones are the result of work between the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security's Police Dog Base and private pet-cloning company Sinogene.
According to CBS, four of the doggos were born in the same litter in August. Their DNA is more than 99 percent identical to the two Belgian Malinois donor dogs.
The donors were selected for their RUFF and tough performance on the police force.
According to the Chinese authorities, police dogs lose some of their abilities as they get older, so naturally why not turn to cloning.
The goal of the cloning program is to create a K-9 police force with greater efficiency and shorter training periods.
The police dog base said it would be watching the cloned recruits closely during their training.
That's all good and fine, but when are they going to start cloning humans? China needs more of those.
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