BBC's Carrie Gracie resigns as China editor over gender pay gap

BBC continues to be a trailblazer in the field of pay diversity.


NSFW    LONDON — The BBC has always been at the forefront of diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to the diversity in pay.

Using the latest in diversification algorithms, the Beeb calculated it would be fair to have only a third of its top-earning on air stars be women last year — and to really keep it diverse — make the top seven earners all gentlemen.

One of the BBC's top journalists, Carrie Gracie, resigned from her China editor post in protest, writing an open letter slamming the corporation for its 'secretive and illegal' pay culture. And as a side bonus, Gracie gets to move back to London.

On that note, BBC, if you guys are looking for a new China editor with experience and only the highest journalistic standards — the Taiwanese Animators ARE available.
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