Bachelor Vietnam contestants ditch dude for each other

Two female contestants on the Vietnam edition of "The Bachelor" dumped the man and instead left together.


NSFW    HANOI, VIETNAM — In a twist absolutely no one was expecting, two contestants on the Vietnam version of the Bachelor ditched the titular lead and left to be together.

If you need a refresher, "The Bachelor" is a reality dating show that has women compete for the affections of one supposedly swoon-worthy male.

The rose ceremony is basically elimination night, where the man gives a rose to whoever he wants to keep on.

But in possibly the wildest moment in show history, one woman confessed that she'd fallen in love not with the bachelor, but with a fellow contestant, and begged to leave together.

Even more shocking is that she actually agreed, and went to return her rose. The emotional scene ended with both women walking away.

Sadly, that love story ended pretty quickly. In yet another plot twist, Next Shark revealed that straightness prevailed and the bachelor managed to convince his runaway lady to come back and win his love.

Female relationships springing from the Bachelor isn't entirely new. The Australia edition previously saw two women start dating after the show ended, though they've since broken up. However, it might be the first time a pair of ladies struck up a romance while still doing the program.
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