Baby dropped from 10th floor of Grenfell Tower caught by brave man

A woman dropped a baby from Grenfell Tower as it burned. Luckily, the baby was caught by a brave member of the public who sprang forward to help.


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LONDON, UK — As Grenfell Tower burned in London, a woman trapped inside with her baby dropped the child from a window. And it was in that moment, a brave man who sprang into action saved the baby’s life.

When Grenfell Tower went up in flames on June 14, children were heard screaming for help and people were seen leaping from the structure as the fire quickly burned through the residential building, the BBC reported.

A witness named Samira Lamrani said she saw a woman, thought to be the baby’s mother, gesturing to the crowd below that she was about to drop the baby from the 10th floor of the building.

As the fire grew stronger around her, the woman let her child go. And in a moment of agility and luck, a man managed to catch the baby.

The Grenfell Tower fire incident has so far killed least a dozen people, with more fatalities expected. More than 70 people have have been taken to hospital. The baby’s situation remains unknown.
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