Armed gun nuts in masks and body armor confront cops

Gun advocates James Baker and Brandon Vreeland were arrested in Dearborn Michigan after an armed stand-off.


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DEARBORN, MICHIGAN — Two gun advocates were arrested when they walked into a police station in Michigan on Sunday, armed to the teeth with loaded weapons.

Earlier that day, cops pulled over suspects James Baker, 24, and Brandon Vreeland, 40, after receiving a report about two suspicious dudes wearing tactical vests and masks, the Detroit Free Press reported.

A video filmed by Baker and streamed live on Facebook, shows a police sergeant politely questioning the suspects.

Not seeing any weapons inside the vehicle, the officer then let the men go free.

About an hour later, the two men arrived at Dearborn Police Station, saying the prior traffic stop was illegal and they wanted to file a complaint.

Once again, Baker filmed the encounter and streamed it live on Facebook. The footage shows Baker armed with a rifle and wearing a ski mask and tactical vest, as Vreeland carries a tripod and camera.

Inside the station, a stand-off with officers ensued as Baker initially refused to drop his weapons and get down on the ground.

When the men were eventually arrested, police seized a loaded AP-14 rifle and Glock handgun with a bucketload of ammo, along with an AR-15 and an AK-47-style rifle.

On Monday, both the police and a local open-carry advocacy group condemned the men’s actions.

They were charged with a string of minor offenses, including breaching the peace and failure to cooperate with police.
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