Are you smarter than an American? Native-born citizens fail civics test


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Immigration reform? How about education reform first? The Center for the Study of the American Dream at Xavier University reports that just 64 percent of native-born Americans could pass the naturalization test immigrants must take to become a US citizen. Immigrants applying for citizenship pass the simple civic literacy test at a rate of 97.5 percent according the the survey, released last week.

We stopped some people in Times Square last week and asked them some of the the questions. For the answers, watch the video:

1. Who is Susan B. Anthony?
2. Name a U.S. territory.
3. How many justices are on the Supreme Court?
4. How many US senators are there?
5. Who is the current vice president of the US?
6. Who is the chief justice of the Supreme Court?
7. Who is the speaker of the House of Representatives?
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