Alligator kills Florida woman while she was walking dogs

Officials found the woman's arm inside the reptile.


NSFW    DAVIE, FLORIDA — A Florida woman was killed last week by a massive alligator while walking her poodles.

Officials told the Sun Sentinel that Shizuka Matsuki was with her two poodles last Friday morning when the reptile attacked in Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park. There were no witnesses to the attack.

The Sun-Sentinel reports one of her dogs was bit and a witness saw both animals barking near the water with Matsuki nowhere to be seen. Her pets were taken to a local animal center.

Florida Fish and Wildlife, along with local police, searched the area for Matsuki. Officials later discovered one of her arms inside the stomach of an alligator. The park had been trying to trap it for the past two years, but the reptile always bested their efforts.

Speaking to the Sun Sentinel, a local resident said some viewed the animal as a mascot and sabotaged traps set for it. A park official told the paper they hadn't heard anything about sabotaged traps.
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