Alex Rodriguez on deck to be banned...for life hopefully


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Alex Rodriguez might be looking at a lifetime ban from Major League Baseball because of his connection with the Biogenesis clinic.

MLB finally got the ball rolling on suspensions starting with Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun on Monday. Braun has already starting serving a 65-game unpaid suspension. Now with Braun out of the way, everyone is waiting for MLB to move onto New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez. According to an ESPN report, MLB has a lot more evidence against A-Rod than it had against Braun. People have told CBS Evening News that A-Rod’s suspension, which is expected to be announced in the next two or three weeks, could much worse than Braun’s punishment.

One of the reasons A-Rod could be in more trouble is that he is thought to have looked to impede MLB’s investigation into Biogenesis by helping get lawyers for some of the witnesses in the case, the most infamous of them being A-Rod’s cousin Yuri Sucart.
A-Rod is trying to take attention off his Biogenesis links this week by complaining that the Yankees and MLB are trying to keep him off the field because of a quad strain, even though he brought it up in the first place. Earlier this week, the Yankee’s team doctor said that Rodriguez was unable to play due to that quad strain. A-Rod disagreed, so he went out and found a doctor, that didn’t even examine him, to say that he was okay.

While Bud Selig is busy patting himself on the back pretending to take care of PEDs, A-Rod’s enormous ego is keeping him from just admitting his mistakes. Maybe both of them need to go.
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