Airport official axed for making ambulance pick up friends

Video footage captured the people loading a boatload of duty-free shopping bags into the ambulance.


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SHANGHAI — Getting to and from airports these days is annoying enough to make any person want to give up traveling all together. That is unless you have friends in high places.
Chinese netizens were outraged yet again over the weekend after a video of an ambulance picking up a group of douchey travelers outside the Shanghai Pudong International Airport went viral.
According to a report by Shanghai's airport authority, a manager surnamed Yu called an airport ambulance and demanded the driver race over to Terminal 1 to pick up his wife, kid, and three friends, who had just arrived back from vacation.
Oh yeah, they also had a small army of duty-free shopping bags with them.
Video shows the ambulance with its lights on parked in a no parking zone as the people load their booty into the emergency vehicle.
The ambulance apparently then drove the shopaholics to an airport parking lot.
Nothing like a good old abuse of power to start the day. Unfortunately for Yu, he was given the axe and will also receive a nasty Communist Party finger wagging.
As for the ambulance guys, one driver was given the boot while another was given some demerits.
And if you're wondering how all the duty-free shopping bags are doing, after being transported to the hospital for a thorough examination, they were released and are doing okay.
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