50 Cent forgot he had 700 Bitcoin now worth $8 million

50 Cent just found out he has 700 Bitcoin he totally forgot about.


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AMERICA — While everyone was going bananas for Bitcoin at the end of last year, 50 Cent apparently had 700 Bitcoins he totally forgot about.

Back in 2014, he released Animal Ambition and became the first artist to accept Bitcoin as payment.

From the deal he received more than 700 Bitcoins. Those coins are now worth $7 - $8 million — for now.

Bitcoin is currently at around $11,200, but still remains highly volatile.

"Not bad from a kid from South Side, I'm so proud of me," 50 Cent wrote on IG. At least someone is.

Just think how proud 50 would have been of himself, if he sold when the price was at $20. Looks like 50 had 21 questions but a Bitcoin wasn't one.
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