Man shoots neighbor in the chest with crossbow

A Scottish man used a crossbow arrow to shoot his neighbor in the chest after an argument.


NSFW    WEST LOTHIAN, SCOTLAND — A Scottish man was shot in the chest with an arrow after a feud with a crazed neighbor.

The High Court in Glasgow was told Raph Muir got into an argument with Shaun Reynolds over "anti-social behavior," the Daily Record reports.

Muir then grabbed two crossbows he kept at home and aimed one of them at Reynolds' chest. The 31-year-old was heard screaming at Reynolds saying, "I'm not leaving here until you are dead."

Reynolds ended up with an arrow stuck in his chest, which he pulled out.

The 46-year-old only sustained one "superficial" wound on his chest.

Scottish firearms police officers arrived at the scene and ordered Muir to lie on the ground and then arrested him. While searching his home, the police found three crossbows, a chainsaw, a baseball bat and a knife.

According to the Daily Record, the Muir later told the police that he wanted to "murder people" who bothered him while he was at home.

The crossbow attacker pled guilty to attempted murder at the High Court in Glasgow. He now faces a lengthy jail term and is due to be sentenced next month.
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