Warriors offering $100 monthly passes with zero court view

Are fans really dumb enough to shell out money for an "In The Building Pass"?


NSFW    OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA — The Warriors sent out an email to fans this week announcing the release of an "In The Building Pass."
Fans will get the honor of stepping foot inside Oracle Arena for every home game for $100 a month, according to ESPN.
What does an "In The Building Pass" get you? Well — not a seat, actually you aren't even allowed into the seating bowl. You're not even allowed to see the actual court.

Fans dumb enough to blow money on this pass will have access to the arena's bars and restaurants and will have the privilege getting to watch the game on TV in the club areas.
Purchasers of the pass will have a chance to receive lame Warriors giveaways if they are one of the first 10,000 people in the arena.
What's the point of being one of the first people in the arena if you have no seat and zero view of the court?
Fans can purchase up to four "In The Building" passes, which are non-transferable. Golden State plans to sell 200 sucker passes each month.

The Warriors currently have 44,000 people on their season-ticket waiting list.
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