Call in sick to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day 2017

Amazon Prime Day is back again, which means you get the opportunity to buy even more junk from Amazon.


NSFW    THE INTERNET — The most important holiday of the year is here. It’s the single greatest day that exists and if you have to work, think of a good excuse to get out of it, so you can enjoy Amazon Prime Day 2017.

Why physically fight someone buying useless stuff like on Black Friday, when you can battle Prime members online buying useless stuff, all the while helping Amazon make a killing in the process without even having to leave your house?

Amazon shattered sales records during Prime Day last year and is hungry for more, which explains why it’s 30 hours long this year.

Amazon will use its ‘lightning deals’ to drive sales on many of its own products. To get all the best deals, remember to be early.

In order to ensure maximum Prime Day potential, it’s best to stay up the entire 30 hours using whatever means necessary, think energy drinks or blow. Most importantly — shop irresponsibly.
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