Why did this guy end up in the looney bin for just complaining about his TV?

The answer is because apparently police officers are now sanctioned to make on the spot judgements about your neurological condition. Huh?!


NSFW    Police State

The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that no one can enter your domicile and seize anything or anyone without your or the court’s permission.

Tell that to Gordon Goines of Waynesboro, Virginia. He called his cable company complaining of bad reception. They in turn said it was likely due to someone else cutting into the line and stealing cable.

When making out the police report, the officers noted Goines slurred speech, unbalanced movements and so on.

Goines suffers from a neurological condition called cerebellar ataxia, which makes it hard for him to maintain his balance. Because of the illness, his walk is unsteady at times, speaks slowly with a slur and struggles with fine motor skills.

Instead of simply asking about the symptoms they’re observing, the two Waynesboro policemen think Goines is mentally unshelved, and make the decision to toss him into the looney bin against his will, breaking his Fourth Amendment rights in the process.

The screener at the mental institution, who herself had no training to make this kind of call, allowed Goines to be admitted where he was held for 5 days before a doctor could release him.

Of course several lawsuits have been filed and are ongoing in this case.
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