Is allowing your kids to walk home from the park by themselves child abuse?

We know the world's a scary place, but shouldn't 21st century kids get a chance to experience riding a bus, going to a shop or walking to school … alone?


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Self-described supporters of the ‘free-range kid’ philosophy, Maryland parents Danielle and Alexander Meitiv of Silver Spring Maryland, were found guilty of child neglect on March 3rd for letting their kids, 6 and 10, walk home from a park by themselves. Alone. Without adult supervision.

Many people remember fondly walking to school, taking a bus, going to the store alone as a kid, and the Meitiv parents say they want their kids to enjoy the same experiences they did.

Some will argue the world has changed and the world of 2015 is much scarier than the world of say, 1977. These folks might be right. Maryland authorities have issued their ruling and they say "free-range" parenting amounts to child neglect and the family is now on a 5-year 'watch list'.

Where do you stand on this topic?
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