Watch this husband and wife team totally humiliate an ax-wielding bad guy

The foiled intruder had racked up an impressive 80 arrests by the age of 15. At the age of 31, he is in jail again.


NSFW    Justice is Served

A notorious criminal nicknamed Homing Pigeon Boy, or Boomerang Boy for returning home after committing crimes was arrested again after trying to rob a convenience store in County Durham, England with an ax. His crime was caught on tape by the store's security cameras.

On the night of March 15th, just before the shop was scheduled to close, the robber and his accomplice burst in swinging an ax around and demanding that the clerk empty the register.

The owner, Sab Dhillon had other ideas. While Homing Pigeon was distracted with the clerk, the owner tackled him from behind and wrestled the criminal to the floor while the accomplice fled.

The intruder, whose real name is Shaun Andrew McKerry was still brandishing the ax, until the store owner's wife came to disarm him by hitting him a few times with a baseball bat. Police arrived at the scene, and McKerry was arrested minutes later. McKerry has a long track record that includes being arrested 80 times by the age of only 15. He has reportedly plead guilty to attempted robbery in a Durham Crown Court.
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