'You're all pieces of shi*t!' American man goes on insane rant on Taipei metro

A middle-aged American man goes on insane rant and berates passengers inside theSong Jiang Nan Jing MRT Station


NSFW    Video of a middle-aged foreign man hurling insults at commuters on a Taipei train is going viral there. The video, originally uploaded to Facebook, has already received thousands of views and comments and has appeared on local news sites.

The man, who tells the appalled crowd he's an American, appears to brag about his superiority and importance. It's not clear exactly what set him off or what happened before filming began.

Just in case his message isn't getting though, he switches into broken Mandarin Chinese. Translation: "You are all pigs!" "They feel I am important because I'm an American!", and "President Ma is a worm" among other randomness.

Online comments from Taiwanese mainly expressed concern with the lack of security, with the memory of a deadly stabbing attack last year still fresh. From foreigners in Taiwan, comments mostly expressed their embarrassment.

Some commenters also pointed to Taiwan's friendly demeanor toward Westerners which, some say, allow them to feel entitled to disregard rules and behavioural norms.
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