'Muscle man' breaks into vending machine for life-size doll

A man in China was caught on CCTV breaking into a life-size doll vending machine and 'using' it for 40 minutes.


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CHINA — CCTV images of a man in China who smashed his way into a vending machine stocking rubber dolls on the August 2 have gone viral over Weibo.

China Press was on hand to report on the man who, after breaking free the life-sized doll, went into the corner and 'got busy' for about 40 minutes.

The owner of the machine admitted to remotely watching the then live surveillance with his friend and was happy and excited to stream his stock 'being used'.

That was until he checked the transaction history and realized that the man hadn't paid.

Furious at the, what the report calls, "muscle man" for not processing the right kind of transaction, the vendor drove to the scene with police in tow.

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