'It's Not Made in China' bottled water has angered Chinese people

What a surprise that Chinese netizens are butthurt over this.


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DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA — A South African bottled water company with a hilarious name—It's Not Made in China—has a lot of Chinese people seriously butthurt.
According to ABC News, the company has been around since 2014, but only came to the attention of Chinese netizens in a post on their Twitter knockoff Weibo.
The original post only got two comments, but started bunching some major panties after it was shared on the pro-CCP speakerbox Global Times and Guancha.cn.
The hashtag #ThisWaterIsNotMadeinChina took off with more than 264,000 views on Weibo, while the company received typical lame Chinese backlash on their IG account.
Some of the comments were really nasty like "I'm going to strongly boycott it."
Another Weibo user said, "If it's not made in China, I won't drink it." Wonder how long that person is going to live for?
The company told the SCMP it was surprised that so many Chinese people got angry and never planned to create a controversy.
The company said it's now thinking about changing its name.
That's unfortunate. It's Not Made in China has such a nice ring to it.
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