#1 sign that your wife's a freak: She forces you into having sex at the hospital

An unidentified Indian man had to give his wife the D, as in divorce, after her insatiable sexual appetite became too much for him.


NSFW    While having a wife who's revved up and ready to go whenever you are might sound incredible to most men, for an unidentified Indian man who thought he married the love of his life, her sexual energy turned out to be way too much for him to handle, according to an Apple Daily report.

The two reportedly tied the knot in 2012 and things seemed to initially be going very well. The two were in love and enjoyed a healthy sex life. But the man's wife needed more. A lot more.

She'd typically be the one to initiate fornication and would do so multiple times a day. In fact, she was so horny, that she would reportedly force her husband pop viagra just to satisfy her primal needs.

The poor man couldn't even catch a break when he was hospitalized. His wife reportedly even rode his disco stick while he was once recuperating in a hospital bed.

It turned turned out to be too much of a good thing for the lad, who eventually filed for divorce, likely in order to save his no doubt now dwindling semen production and his life. Lucky for him, the court granted his request.
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