Zhengzhou subway in China using face recognition at all stations

All aboard to Big Brother world.


NSFW    ZHENGZHOU, CHINA — As cities across China continue to testing face recognition payment systems for subways, Zhengzhou has become the first to roll out the tech at all their stations.
Forget to bring your wallet, metro card or mobile phone with your QR code? No worries, just use your face.
According to the Henan Daily, starting this week all commuters can pay at any Zhengzhou subway station using an optional face scan.
The SCMP reported that according to the Henan Daily, since trials began in September, almost 200,000 commuters in Zhengzhou have given up their biometric data in order to use the metro face-scan payment app.
All people have to do after they register is to show up at a subway turnstile scanner to scan their beautiful mugs.
They get in right away while the fare is deducted through a pre-set payment plan.
While Zhengzhou is the first city to roll out the face scanners at all stations, subways in other Chinese cities like Guangzhou, Nanjing and Shenzhen have also been testing out the tech.
And as for privacy concerns? Hold on, what's privacy?
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