YouTube lets Jake Paul make horrible videos for kids

If you haven't watched any of Jake Paul's YouTube videos, consider yourself lucky.


NSFW    YOUTUBE — Jake Paul is one of YouTube most famous stars. The problem is he makes horrible videos targeted at little kids.

According to Paul himself, he makes videos specifically for children age 8 to 16, or 18-ish.
In his videos, Jake constantly plugs his own merchandise. Sometimes he dedicates nearly half of his extremely long videos to buying his stuff.
According to the Children Television Act of 1990 passed by congress, children's programming may not include commercials for products related to the program, or featuring characters from the program.
So basically Paul is breaking the law in many of his videos.
He also tells his young viewers to pester their parents to buy his merchandise.
Another problem is Paul makes a lot of content this is sexually-charged or highly disturbing to young children.
How much longer will YouTube let this go on? Probably as long as Paul keeps making them ad dollars.
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