Your smartphone may be giving you brain cancer — or not

California has issued guidelines to reduce possible harmful effects from cell phones.


NSFW    SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released a set of new guidelines last week dealing with cell phones and radiation risk.

The department issued a guidance on how to reduce exposure to radio-frequency energy released by cell phones, despite hard evidence that exposure poses any health risks, Ars Technica reported.

Some studies have suggested long-term use of smartphones could be linked to brain or salivary gland cancer, low sperm count and headaches, according to the CDPH, KQED reported.

The guidelines suggest to avoid holding your phone to your head when talking on it. Send texts instead of talking.

Avoid carrying your phone in your pocket, bra or belt holster. Carry it in a bag or a backpack.

They also suggested to avoid using your phone with its sending high levels of radio-frequency energy, such as when you're driving, streaming content or when your signal is weak.

Try not to keep your phone by your head while you're sleeping.
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