Young Afghan girl forced to wear suicide vest


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A 10-year-old Afghan girl was arrested in connection with a botched suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province on Sunday (January 5).

The incident took place in Helmand’s Khan Neshin district on Sunday night. A girl identified as Spogmai or Sphozmay was strapped into a suicide vest by her brother and sent across a river to attack a border police checkpoint, according to reports in the BBC and AFP.

The girl reportedly began crying because of the cold water while crossing the river. The cries alerted police while her brother fled the scene.

According to the BBC, the girl either failed to operate the button successfully to detonate the suicide vest or was arrested before she could carry out the attack.

The girl has been transferred to the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah. She reportedly asked authorities to not send her back home for fear of repercussions.
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