You shouldn't charge your phone overnight, and here's why

Phone draining too fast? You might not be charging it right.


NSFW    DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA — If your phone battery is barely holding up, that might be your fault — you've probably been charging it wrong this whole time.

Time reports that modern smartphones use lithium-ion batteries that charge fast but also get used up quickly because of the sheer amount of mobile activity they power.

People tend to drain their phone batteries before plugging them in overnight. Fortunately, most are equipped with chips that protect against overcharging.

Still, it's unwise to leave a device plugged once its battery is full, since trickle charges can heat up the phone, stressing and wearing down the battery.

Experts recommend charging the phone before it empties completely, and not bringing it to a full charge. Plugging it in occasionally throughout the day ensures the battery retains its capacity longer.

Batteries also don't do well in extreme heat or extreme cold, so make sure it's not exposed to either.

Of course, they will conk out eventually, but it's always nice to prolong that lifespan and save a buck or two.
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