You'll be shocked when you find out how much hostesses at China's ‘most luxurious' nightclub made

Details of China's Royal Number One nightclub’s hiring requirements for hostesses have recently come to light.


NSFW    The Royal Number One nightclub was once the most luxurious “entertainment complex” in Zhengzhou City in China’s Henan province, with 150 rooms in a six-story building, the largest of which could hold up to 100 people. Then the nightclub shut down after it was raided by police for suspected prostitution on the night of November 1, 2013.

Details of the club’s hiring requirements for hostesses have recently come to light. The hostesses were trained professionally to act and dress like flight attendants. The club’s five hiring managers looked not only at their outer beauty, but look at their education, skills and “inner beauty.”

If the women had all of the above qualities in abundance, why did they do this job, you ask? For the money. An ex-manager of the nightclub revealed that the worst-performing hostess earned the equivalent of about $16,000 a month. Customers were all the wealthiest people in the city or high-ranking government officials, and they had to pay the equivalent of US$800 just to get in the door.. Daily revenue reached about US$80,000.

The nightclub is now closed, and eight city police officers are under investigation on suspicion of protecting its prostitution business. The two owners of the nightclub have since fled to the US.
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