You'd think if you were arrested on drug charges, you'd delete all those Twitter photos of your drugs

You’d think if you were arrested on drug charges, you’d delete all those Twitter photos of your weed.


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Evan Steward, 18, was driving a silver Hyundai Sonata without a driver’s side headlight last Friday afternoon in Boca Raton, Florida when a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy pulled him over.

Steward consented to a search, telling the deputy he had “nothing in the car” and “nothing to hide,” according to a report in the Broward Palm Beach New Times. The cop searched the car and found a black backpack containing two bags with 116.2 grams of marijuana, 19 Xanax bars, a grinder and a scale.

The deputy wrote in the probable-cause affidavit that Steward said he had been given the marijuana by a friend and that he and his friend were going home to smoke it that night.

Steward was taken to the county jail and faces 21 counts of drug charges, including possession of marijuana over 20 grams with intent to sell and 19 counts of possession of a controlled substance schedule 1. He is being held on a $60,000 bond.

Police are no doubt by now aware of Steward’s Twitter feed (@EvanSteward), which as of press time was still live. The Twitter feed contains a dozen photos alluding to the consumption and distribution of marijuana and other drugs.
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