X-Men star Vinnie Jones didn't kill 100 foxes and we've got proof

A post from the "Gone In 60 Seconds" actor's Twitter account was sent out on Sunday featuring over 100 dead foxes laid out on the ground.


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LONDON / HOLLYWOOD — A gory image of some 100 dead foxes was reportedly tweeted from X-Men star Vinnie Jones's Twitter account on Sunday night.

The tweet reads, "A real night lamping #foxes @BASCnews anyone beat this ??? Old school red filter @fieldsportstv"

The nasty image prompted several news sites to portray Jones as a killer responsible for a massacre. But that's very wrong. Here's why.

Jones says he was hacked, and the image came from the Aussie Feral Game Hunters Facebook page in Australia. We checked there and couldn't find it.

After some sleuthing, we found the same image on the Facebook page of this Aussie hunting community on July 20 — three days before the tweet on July 23.

For those interested, this is the Riverina Pig Hunting and Fishing Facebook page. They really don't like foxes around these parts.

Vinnie's already apologised for for the tweet, says he didn't do it, doesn't condone it and that it was all a hack.

And after all that, Jones say it was a disgruntled ex-assistant who posted the image and says he's now leaving the Twitter.
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