Wrongful arrest: Monica Contreras sexually harassed, arrested in court


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Quite a bit of controversy was kicked up over the arrest of 28-year-old Monica Contreras in a courtroom in Nevada after Contreras’s told her story to a Las Vegas news network.

Contreras alleges that in August 2011, she was taken into a side room during a routine divorce hearing, where court marshal Ron Fox fondled her buttocks and breasts, then ordered her to lift up her shirt during a drug search. When Contreras tried to complain about it in court later, saying there was no female officer present and that she felt uncomfortable and offended, Fox ordered another officer to arrest her for making false allegations.

Contreras tried to take back her complaint, but Fox said the only way she could avoid jail time was to officially recant her statement into a microphone. Contreras opted instead to repeat her complaint, and she was hauled off to jail, despite her pleas.

Meanwhile, the judge, Patricia Donninger, simply ignored what was going on, and spent the entire time playing with Contreras’s 2-year-old daughter, whom had accompanied her to court that day.

Later, Contreras filed a complaint about what happened, and a six month investigation resulted in Ron Fox getting fired, and other employees being investigated for covering up the incident.
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