Would you have returned 40K you found in a sofa?

Three New York college students are being praised for their honesty after they found 40K in a thrift shop sofa and tracked down the 91-year-old owner of the cash.


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Would you return 40,000 bucks you found in a ratty old sofa? Three New York college students did.

Next time you need some furniture, you might want to consider heading to a thrift shop.

Three less-than-wealthy college students stopped by a New York Salvation Army outlet and purchased a 20 dollar used sofa - not because it was a nice sofa, but because it was the only one that fit in their tiny living room.

Several months later, one of the young people noticed lumps in the sofa...and after digging into the sofa...they discovered an envelope with US$4000 in it!

More digging produced more envelopes—and by the time the sofa had released all its loot, the three young people were holding US$40,000 bucks in cash.

But, as they were fantasizing about how to spend the dough...a little piece of paper was found that would change everything.

It was a bank receipt with a name on it. The young people say the second they saw the name, they knew they had to do the right thing and return the cash.

The students tracked down the owner, who turned out to be a 91-year-old widow who doesn’t trust banks. She’d been in the hospital undergoing hip surgery when one of her relatives decided to get rid of the sofa.

The elderly woman praised the students for their honesty and gave them $1,000 dollars for doing the right thing.

Would you have returned the cash? Tell us in the comments.
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