World's largest 3D-printed building completed in Dubai

Apis Cor's 3D printer was able to withstand Dubai's harsh climate and print the building onsite in three weeks.


NSFW    DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — Apis Cor, an American construction firm that specializes in 3D printing, completed the world's largest 3D-printed building in Dubai at the end of October.

The building stands at 9.5 meters and covers an area of 640 square meters, according to the company's project website.

The structure was built using a mobile 3D printer onsite. It was moved around by a crane at the construction site. The 3D printer used a gypsum-based mixture developed by the company.

Apis Cor said the printer was able to withstand Dubai's harsh weather conditions as the entire process took place outdoors, without temperature or humidity control.

According to design magazine Dwell, the building was completed in three weeks.

Traditional construction methods were used to lay the building's foundation and install the structure's roof, windows and insulation. Manual labor was used to fill the building's columns with heavy concrete and rebar.

The building will provide offices for a government agency in Dubai, according to Dwell.

Apis Cor said on their website that they plan to improve their 3D printing technology and develop a new version of the printer that would be twice as fast.

The company plans to build affordable 3D-printed houses in the states of California and Louisiana.
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