World's first trackless 'smart train' begins test run in China

A trackless urban transport system and the world's first 'smart train' has been launched in the city of Zhuzhou in China's Hunan province.


NSFW    ZHUZHOU, CHINA— A city in China has launched a test run for a futuristic urban transport system that's being called the world's first 'smart train'.

Described as a cross between a train, tram, and bus, the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit is a 32-meter electric vehicle that runs at a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour, according to Xinhua News.

The ART is equipped with sensors to help it read road dimensions as it travels along a virtual track made up of dotted white lines painted on the road.

The "smart train" has three carriages, and is capable of carrying up to 300 passengers.

The self-driving system uses rubber tires instead of steel wheels, and can travel up to 25 kilometers after a 10-minute charge.

At the moment, the train traverses a 3.1-kilometer route, traveling through four stations in the city of Zhuzhou, in the country's Hunan province.

A longer route is being planned, with the transport system aiming to eventually expand to other cities.
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