World's first luxury, underground hotel to open in Shanghai, China

China's newest hotel is opening its doors, with 16 of its 18 floors underground.


NSFW    SHANGHAI, CHINA — China's newest luxury hotel is opening its doors, with 16 of its 18 floors underground.

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland was built vertically along a formerly abandoned water-filled quarry near Sheshan Forest Park and contains a total of 336 rooms.

It took more ten years for the hotel to get built, due to various technological difficulties according to reports from China Daily.

Visitors staying in two of the 16 floors submerged 33 feet underwater will be able to enjoy an aquarium view right from their suite.

All the rooms were designed keeping the quarry's landscape in mind. This includes the view of the waterfalls from cliffs and a green roof on top of the hotel.

The hotel will also generate its own power, heating and lighting through geothermal and solar energy.

It covers around 61,000 square meters and includes recreational facilities such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, water sports and even a glass floor skywalk.

Architects who designed the hotel had previously designed buildings such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai and Landmark 81 in Vietnam.
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