World's first cross-border cable car planned for Russia and China

Architectural firm UNStudio says the entire journey will only take seven and a half minutes.


NSFW    BLAGOVESHCHENSK, RUSSIA — Dutch architectural firm UNStudio has been chosen to design a cable car terminal in Russia that will connect the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk to the Chinese city of Heihe.

The terminal will be a multi-layer structure that will overlook the Amur River, a natural boundary between Russia and China.

According to UNStudio's project website, the cable car system will consist of two lines, with four cable car cabins each. Each cabin will have a capacity of 60 passengers. The cable cars are designed for travelers to have a clear view of the river, which is often frozen during winter time.

The cable car terminal will also include an urban green space and terraces for passengers.

Russian consulting company Strelka KB is helping UNStudio to manage the project.

Ben van Berkel, founder of UNStudio, explained to Dezeen that the new cable car system will be the first to join two countries and cultures.

UNStudio told CNN that construction of the site is expected to begin in 2020.
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